High Powered Roof Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Northern Rivers

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Matthew Graham Wet/dry vacuum with blower options used for gutters in commercial, residential and domestic applications on the Northern Rivers of N.S.W.

Leaves-on-roofGutter vacuuming rather than water blasting or blowing the gutter debris which can contain mud, sludge, leaves, sticks and other foreign material… By using a high powered vacuum to extract the contents.

This method is far superior to other techniques such as industrial blowing or pressurised water blasting which can force debris into the home owners eaves causing fire hazards, vermin, insect nests and rot.

Unscrupulous operators will use methods that clog down pipes creating a far greater problem than was being initially solved. Our service guarantees that these scenarios will be avoided.

We do offer a high powered blowing service if the situation is suited. An assesment will be made if the problem can be fixed using a powerful blower without pushing debris into unfavourable postions such as roof eaves or down pipes.


Insurance companies my not pay a claim if negligence has been established as being a cause for damage to the roof structure.

The 21 HP High Powered Vacuum can also be used for:

  • Roof Cavities
  • Tanks (sediment & content removal)
  • Property Maintenance
  • Drains
  • Gutters
  • Verandas
  • Oil Traps

With over ten years experience in the property maintenance industry you can be sure that Matthew and the team from Matthew Graham Gutter Vacuuming Northern Rivers and surrounding areas will do a comprehensive and complete job each and every time.