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tree-servicesMatthew Graham Gutter Vacuuming made the investment into a very high powered vacuum to make cleaning gutters affordable but most importantly, highly effective! However because of the power it’s made it possible to provide many other services around your property, facility or business. Our services also include:

Tree Services: The machinery I have includes an array of chainsaws to keep your property in tip top shape if required. With the main problem of blocked gutters being mainly from leaves and sticks from over hanging or nearby trees, MGGV also can complement the gutter cleaning by pruning or removing most offending trees or branches to the roof and gutters.


photo 1Solar panel cleaning: Solar panel’s are a wise investment but only if they are maintained correctly. Often the solar panels or hot water panels become covered in mould, dust, bird droppings and in recent times noticed, grease from neighbouring fast food franchise’s which will effect the performance of your investment. Using a high pressure cleaner MGGV can bring them back to near new enabling them to function much more efficient for you and the environment.


Pressure Cleaning: Using a 3400 PSI pressure cleaner, we also provide a variety of pressure cleaning services with maximum efficiency. Driveways, roofs, exterior, solar panels, tanks, paths, garages etc. The list goes on! However never roof gutters. This invites extremely high risk of pushing mud into your roof cavity or downpipes much like blowing of gutters does. Vacuum is the only way to go for your roof gutters.


Tank Vacuuming: Tanks often contain a layer of sediment sludge build up resting in the bottom. Perhaps when your tank is close to empty, give us a call to pressure clean it inside and out, then using a 580 CFM(cubic feet per minute) industrial vacuum to remove the sludge. If it’s a drinking water tank, it’s best not too leave it in their too long as it will contaminate and give your water a unpleasant odour.

Plumbing and Emergency Situations: Plumbers are often faced with difficult problems with downpipe blockages so it might save a lot of trouble and money contacting MGGV for easy solutions with our unique, powerful vacuum system. Plumbers are often faced with difficult problems with pipe blockages so it might save a lot of trouble contacting Matthew Graham Gutter Vacuuming for easy solutions with our unique, powerful vacuum system.


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